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Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day Rickard Metals and Engineering salutes the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen and women for their service and sacrifice. Memorial Day is a special day for all those companies and organizations, engineers and scientists, administrators and office workers who provide the tools for those placing themselves in harm’s way. Whether it is […]

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Titanium Extrusion

Rickard Specialty Metals and Engineering Titanium Extrusions   Titanium extrusions are used in a variety of applications in the aerospace industry from titanium engine pylons to titanium tracks for seats. The extrusion process brings a number of advantages over forging. Custom designed shapes, fine tolerances, less downstream machining, and less waste. Grade 5 Titanium bar […]

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Annealing Stainless Steel

Annealing Stainless Steel The main reason for annealing stainless steel is to reduce its hardness and make it more workable.  However, the gains of durability, tensile strength, machine ability are positives that can be gained by employing the annealing. There are several basic annealing processes available for the fabricator. Quenching is the process of heating […]

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The Benefits of Heat Treatment

The Benefits Heat Treatment   The benefits of Heat Treatment are harder and more durable metal. Rickard Specialty Metals and Engineer offer the service of heat treatment. Heat Treatment is the heating cooling of the metal to change their physical and mechanical properties. The discovery of heat treatment made life more efficient. Being able to […]

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Nitronic 50

Nitronic 50 Rickard Specialty Metals and Engineering created 2500-pound drop forge for a deepwater drill. Nitronic 50 alloy is ideal for deepwater GPS-guided drilling. Nitronic alloy has a low magnetic permeability due to its austenitic composition and is naturally wear and corrosion resistant. Nitronic 50 performs well under extreme conditions and is especially suitable for […]

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