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Alloy Steels

Alloy steel is available in groups of low-alloy or high-alloy steels and in a variety of grades, qualities, and consistencies. These specialty steels are alloyed up to 50% by weight, most commonly with manganese, nickel, or chromium, for improved mechanical and chemical properties such as strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance. Popular alloy steels include maraging steel, and carbon steel, as well as stainless steel.


Alloy Steels We Supply

At Rickard Specialty Metals we maintain raw stock alloy steel materials in ingot and billet, as well as additional product forms as seen below. Call today and check to see if we have the size and shape you are looking for. If not, we are always happy to cut or machine it to your specifications.

Click on any of the individual alloys below to learn more about their specific benefits and usage.


  • Alloy Steel Plate and Sheet
  • Titanium Bar Stock (Round Bar, Flat Bar, and Rectangular Bar)
  • Alloy Steel Rolled Rings
  • Alloy Steel Extrusion and Extrusion Angles
  • Fabricated Alloy Steel: Discs
  • Alloy Steel Ingot
  • Alloy Steel Billot
  • Machined Alloy Steel
alloy steel billet
Alloy Steel Billet
Partner with 25+ years of experience supplying alloy steel metal and forgings. Our expert technicians are ready to help you bring your custom design into fruition today.We employ a variety of forging techniques depending on the specifications and requirements of your component. This includes, hot and cold treatment, open die forging, and more. Our projects range the aerospace industry, military, petrochemical and more.ANAB Accredited Logo    as 9100 accreditation logo


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