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Rickard Metals has over 25 years of specialty metals supply & engineering experience serving the aerospace, military, nuclear, electronics, shipbuilding, chemical, oil, gas and high-tech industries.


Our Alloy and Metals Services Include:

Our material inventory ranges from Custom 465Inconel 625 forgings, and Inconel 718 forgings, to 2618 aluminum9310 alloy steel and 6al-4v titanium. All material is domestic or DFAR compliant unless otherwise noted.


Strategic Alliances

Rickard Metals has developed, proposed and contracted several creative “strategic material alliances” with our customers. These strategic material initiatives include the procurement of ingot, conversion of the ingot to billet, and conversion from billet to final customer configuration. This contracted type of alliance has reduced customer finished product lead-times by as much as 16 weeks. In addition, the strategic alliances provide customers with firm fixed material pricing during a time when PIE is often quoted for long lead-time items.


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